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Here’s Why You Need Take A Free Tour of Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel’s Luxury Cat Kennel

Are you going out of town for the weekend? For an extended period of time?  Making sure your feline companion is well cared for while you’re away is no doubt a primary concern.  So, Don’t leave your cat home alone – instead use Cats Luv Us luxury cat kennel services.

The Cat Kennel at Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel Solves This Problem of Caring For Your Cat While You Are Away

For many people, leaving their pet alone at home for long stretches during the is cause for serious anxiety.  It’s no wonder—evidence indicates cats crave and seek out social interaction, despite their reputation as independent thinkers. Therefore, our caring cat kennel gives them the attention that they deserve.


1. Cats Luv Us Luxury Cat Kennel is Safer For Your Pet

Statistics show that over 100,000 injuries to cats occur in these situations every year.  Typically Cat Sitters are not able to observe your cat for sickness. They are not there to free your cat from getting into trouble.  for example, like being stuck in precarious life threatening positions and places. Most importantly, our cat kennel is safer for your cat.

2. We Provide You With Privacy

Having the neighbor pop in to refresh the litter-box and kitty kibble isn’t enough. Recognizing this, some people turn to full time pet sitters who stay in client’s homes. Unfortunately, this means relinquishing your privacy.  Thereby Essentially handing over the keys to your home—and the care of your pet—into the hands of someone who may not be reliable.

3. We are Cheaper than Cat Sitter’s

Pet sitters are typically expensive, and  ultimately, no single person is going to prioritize the health and safety of your pet more than you, which is why choosing a professional boarding experience can make all the difference for your pets safety, security and happiness.

4. The Best Cat Kennel is Luxurious with Bird Aviaries To Entertain

Give your cat a real luxury vacation. We prioritize health, safety and entertainment. Bboarding at the Cats Luv Us Cat Hotel is your best option. As a business committed 100% to cat care, the Cats Luv Us Cat Hotel is able to offer a range of services and personalized attention for your pet. Our facility has been specially designed with cat happiness in mind and we have a team of experts at our fingertips should any issues arise with your cat.

5. We Are A Luxurious Home Away From Home For Your Cat

If the idea of boarding conjures up images (and smells) of dingy kennels and lonely, mewling cats we would be happy to change your perception. The Cats Luv Us Cat Hotel is a truly luxurious experience for your pet. Our cat rooms are not only clean, sanitary and odor free, but carefully designed recreation areas are decorated with all of your kitty’s favorite items. Every cat we board is provided with a soft, clean cat bed, cushion and hypoallergenic towels which are cleaned at least twice a day and more if needed.

6. You will get a 5 Star Experience

For cat families, our cat kennel’s provide up to 3 adjoining spaces. And that ensures your pets can enjoy a family vacation of their own!  Your cats health is our number one priority so we ensure that our rooms never contain anything dangerous like harmful objects of items that might be swallowed. While we won’t be offended when your cat is happy to see you, our priority is to make their stay feel like a mini kitty vacation.

7. Our Cat Kennel Has Large Cat Daycare Play Areas

Cats just wanna have fun. Whatever your reason for travel, you can have peace of mine.  Cats Luv Us Cat Hotel, is an enjoyable vacation is the experience your cat will be having. Our facility doesn’t just provide a comfortable sleep and stay experience, but also ensures that plenty of play and stimulation is on the agenda. As such, we stock the most popular and newest cat toys and our employees are well versed in your feline’s favorite games.

When we designed our facility, we made sure to incorporate large playrooms—and we wanted to make sure they felt like cat heaven. Each playroom is equipped with games, toys, hiding places, scratching posts and lounge areas. Just like an all inclusive resort, our amenities provide something for everyone. And, we even provide your cat the opportunity to connect with her wild side and have bird aviaries throughout our facility to provide hours of endless entertainment.

8. Cats Luv Us Keeps A Calming Routine For Feeding

Prioritizing healthy cats. During your cat stays with us, we will feed on their normal schedule with food provided by you. We provide the highest quality treats for your cat, but we don’t overdo it. Besides, We know the line between a little indulgence and going to far!

9. Our Cat Kennel Provides Medication Administration

For cats that require medication, we know how crucial it is that it be administered properly and on time. Because we are accommodating of all medication schedules, you can rest assured that your pet will be well taken care of by professionals.

We are experienced in giving insulin injections to diabetic cats as needed. Therefore you will need to  bring your cats medications and dosing instructions.  So we can ensure they are taken care of with the highest quality of care.  And we are even happy to provide on call vet services!

10. Cats Luv Us Provides On Call Veterinarian Services

We have relationships with a number of excellent veterinarians.   We are able to deal with medical situations promptly as they arise. If your cat does fall ill, we will call on our veterinarian. Then, the vet can examine him and contact you immediately using the emergency information you provide upon checking in.

11. Cats Luv Us is Flexible With Your Schedule

Customize your cat’s stay.  Like any truly luxurious experience, your cat’s stay at Cats Luv Us Cat Boarding  Hotel is customizeable. We are happy to speak with you about any additional needs your pet may have. We offer some grooming services and can accommodate a range of dietary needs. If your pet has a  quirk that needs to be properly dealt with, we are happy to hear about it!  Our professional team has dealt with a huge range of cat personalities. And we are sure that you and your cats experience with us is the best!

Our luxurious facility provides a top notch, luxurious cat stay experience at an incredibly affordable price. Your cat will have access to the greatest comforts, best health care, and top notch entertainment.  In Addition to our constantly monitored, professional care.

Just out of town for the night, are on an extended vacation or in the process of moving?  Because have the facilities, the staff and the experience to make sure your cat has the best possible vacation.

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