When we think about the phrase “separation anxiety” we often think of dogs, and people coming home to find their possessions in pieces or a note from a neighbor telling them the dog barked all day. But it’s not just dogs who suffer from this problem, cats can too.  If your cat is struggling to stay home alone without you cat daycare is a great solution. 

Daycare for cats allows cat owners to drop their beloved cat (or cats) off for the day or for an overnight stay (we also do long stays) so you don’t have to leave them alone at home. If you’re in Orange County we’d love to have your furry family member here for cat daycare or for boarding. Here are 7 reasons why we are the best cat daycare in Orange County: 

Reason Why We are Best Cat Daycare #1: We Are Hyper-Focused on Cleanliness 

We understand that cats are sensitive to new and strange smells, so we ensure rooms are fresh, clean, and odor-free. No visitor is ever given a room another cat has just vacated without sanitizing.  Every room is clean and ready for a new guest. 

Reason Why We are Best Cat Daycare #2: We Continue Your Feeding Routine 

When you board your cat with us you can rest assured knowing your cat is on the same timetable as they would be at home. We ask that you bring their normal food with them and tell us when and what they normally eat so we can carry on what they are used to at home. 

Reason Why We are Best Cat Daycare #3: We’re Happy to Administer Medications 

Sometimes, the reason you need a daycare for cats service is that your cat is getting over an illness or is an elderly lady or gentleman and needs regular medication. It can be particularly stressful leaving your cat when this is the case, but we’re more than happy to ensure they get their medication on time, including insulin injections. 

Reason Why We are Best Cat Daycare #4: We Provide Soft and Clean Bedding 

We make it as easy as possible to drop your cat off at daycare. You don’t need to bring your cat’s bed if they are just coming for the day or night – all our bedding is soft, clean, and won’t smell like lots of different cats before them. We also provide hypoallergenic towels and clean as necessary throughout the day. 

Reason Why We are Best Cat Daycare #5: On-Call Vet 

Our vets are on-call at all times to come out and visit a sick cat, should any cat staying with us look unwell. If this happens, we’ll contact you via your emergency contact information to keep you in the loop. 

Reason Why We are Best Cat Daycare #6: Pick Up and Drop Off at Airport 

We can provide pick up and drop off services from both Orange County airport and LAX. If you’re interested in finding more contact us for more information with the date and times of your flight/s. 

Reason Why We are Best Cat Daycare #7: We Treat All Cats as Our Own 

No feline guest here is just a number; we treat each and every guest with the same love, care, and attention as if they were our own. We’re happy to leave private cats alone, provide playful kitties with toys, and will provide a radio to help soothe those who are frightened. All cats can have plenty of time in the playpens under careful supervision throughout the day to stretch their legs and explore or sit in a warm lap, should they want to. 

Our sole goal is to make your cat as happy, calm and comfortable while they stay with us. If you’re interested in coming for a tour to see the facility click here, or click the link below to make a reservation today. 

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