New-11 Hi there! My name Thy Vara, I’m a Tuk tuk driver in Thailand, so I work with tourists, you know that right. As you know that today the virus COVID_19 killed my job so I stay home. But I’m in charged of my princess and my queen. My queen, she also sold Souvenirs
and she is home too. We get stuck now! I decide to buy this channel from the youtuber about 50b to start making money. I hope soon I can get some money to feed my princess. Don’t worry! I don’t beg you money what I expect from you is just LILKE or give me some good COMENT only. If you don’t like the video PLEASE don’t report it just scroll it away! I am not a good film maker or any skill video editor!
****Please!!! God bless you all!
Hi there! this is GG I called him. I just got him from the store a few day ago. I love him of cause I got also 3 cats. I like to stay with them sometimes after work and I feel great when satay with them. Do you like the video and the music? If you do click the button, if not just skip. Leave comment if you want to see my 3 cats or whatever!
See Yah!
#Short #Cat&Dog