Finding the perfect cattery for your cat can be as important as choosing a vacation spot for yourself. It’s essential to ensure that your feline friend is comfortable, happy, and well-cared for in your absence. In this article, we explore the top five cat catteries that promise top-notch care and comfort for your pet. Each of these establishments offers unique features designed to cater to the needs of cats, providing peace of mind to cat owners.

Key Takeaways

  • Each cattery offers a unique set of amenities tailored to cater to the comfort and needs of cats.
  • Safety, cleanliness, and attentive staff are common priorities across all featured catteries.
  • Specialized care such as grooming, play sessions, and medical attention are available to ensure a healthy stay.
  • These catteries often provide customized meal plans and comfortable sleeping arrangements.
  • Choosing the right cattery involves considering your cat’s individual needs and preferences.

1. Whiskers Luxury Cattery

1. Whiskers Luxury Cattery

Nestled in the heart of Orange County, Whiskers Luxury Cattery is the purr-fect getaway for your feline friends. Established in 1999, this women-owned and operated cat boarding facility offers a luxurious experience that will make your cat meow with delight. From soft cushions to climb on to gourmet meals that would make even the pickiest eater purr, Whiskers Luxury Cattery ensures every cat feels like royalty.

Services Offered

  • Vaccinations: Keeping your kitty safe and sound.
  • Grooming: From fur trimming to pawdicures, your cat will look fabulous.
  • Medication Administration: Expert care for cats with special needs.

Special Offer: Book a stay for your cat and get the first night free!

With a commitment to providing exclusive care, Whiskers Luxury Cattery is the go-to place for cat lovers who want the best for their furry family members.

2. Purr Palace Cat Hotel

2. Purr Palace Cat Hotel

Welcome to the Purr Palace Cat Hotel, where every whisker is pampered and every purr is cherished! This isn’t just a hotel; it’s a luxurious getaway for your feline royalty. Imagine a place where the catnip is always fresh, the sunbeams are perfectly positioned for optimal lounging, and the staff understands that ‘meow’ means service, now!

At Purr Palace, we believe in providing luxury lodgings for your furry overlords. Our suites are designed with comfort and privacy in mind, ensuring that even the most discerning cats feel right at home. Here’s a quick peek at what we offer:

  • Plush bedding in every suite
  • Gourmet meals tailored to even the pickiest eaters
  • Daily play sessions and cuddle time with our cat-loving staff
  • State-of-the-art security for peace of mind

Remember, at Purr Palace, your cat isn’t just staying with us; they’re enjoying a purr-fect vacation!

3. Feline Good Cat Resort

3. Feline Good Cat Resort

Welcome to the purr-fect getaway for your feline friends! At Feline Good Cat Resort, we believe every cat deserves a bit of luxury. Our resort offers a variety of amenities designed to keep your kitty purring all day long. From gourmet meals to spa treatments, your cat will be living the high life!


  • Gourmet Cat Cuisine: Meals prepared by a feline nutritionist.
  • Spa Services: Includes cat massages and aromatherapy.
  • Play Areas: Equipped with the latest cat toys and climbing structures.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us means choosing a vacation for your cat that’s both relaxing and entertaining. We’re not just a cattery; we’re a cat’s dream come true!

At Feline Good Cat Resort, we treat your cat like the royalty they are. Every whisker and paw is pampered to ensure they have a meow-gnificent stay!

4. Kitty Comfort Inn

4. Kitty Comfort Inn

Welcome to the Kitty Comfort Inn, where every cat gets the royal treatment! Imagine a place where the catnip is always fresh, the sunbeams are perfectly positioned for optimal lounging, and the staff are true cat whisperers. Here, your feline friend will be pampered like nowhere else.

Our services include express check-in to get your kitty settled without a whisker out of place, and welcome kits that include all the essentials your cat could dream of. We also have on-call vet services to ensure your pet’s health is always a top priority. Each stay is tailored to meet the unique needs of your cat, making their experience purr-fectly delightful!

  • Express Check-in: Quick and efficient to reduce any kitty stress.
  • Welcome Kits: Packed with treats, toys, and comfort items.
  • On-call Vet Services: For peace of mind during your cat’s stay.
  • Tailored Experiences: Activities and care customized for your cat’s preferences.

At Kitty Comfort Inn, we believe every cat deserves a vacation as luxurious as their human’s!

5. The Cat’s Meow Boarding

5. The Cat's Meow Boarding

Welcome to The Cat’s Meow Boarding, where every whisker is pampered and every purr is cherished! Nestled in the heart of Houston, this feline retreat is the purr-fect getaway for your furry friend. Imagine a place where catnip grows on every corner and the sound of purring fills the air—yes, it’s every cat’s dream!

At The Cat’s Meow, we believe in treating your cat like the royalty they are. Our suites are designed with luxury in mind, from plush pillows to panoramic windows that offer a bird’s-eye view of the bustling city below. Our dedicated staff are true cat aficionados, ensuring that your cat’s every need is met with a smile and a gentle stroke.

Whether it’s basking in the sun, chasing laser pointers, or simply enjoying a gourmet meal, your cat will be living the high life. And for the ultimate in relaxation, our on-site spa offers everything from aromatherapy to a full-body massage. It’s the purr-fect way to spoil your feline friend!

Purr-fect Ending!

We’ve scratched the surface of some top-notch catteries where your kitty can reign like the royal they are! Remember, choosing the right cattery is not just about convenience; it’s about giving your cat a ‘paws-itively’ purr-fect home away from home. So, whether your feline friend prefers a quiet nook for catnapping or a lively playground for their midnight zoomies, there’s a spot on our list that’s sure to make them purr with delight. Here’s to happy tails and whisker kisses!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours of each cattery?

Operating hours vary by location. Please check the specific cattery’s website or contact them directly for accurate information.

Do these catteries accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, most catteries are equipped to handle special dietary requirements. It’s best to discuss your cat’s needs during the reservation process.

What is the average cost per day for boarding a cat?

Costs can vary widely depending on the level of luxury and services provided. Typically, it ranges from $15 to $50 per day.

Are there any additional services provided, such as grooming or playtime?

Yes, many catteries offer additional services like grooming, playtime, and even one-on-one attention sessions. Check with the specific cattery for details.

How far in advance do I need to book a stay?

It’s recommended to book as early as possible, especially during holiday seasons when catteries tend to fill up quickly.

What should I bring with my cat for their stay?

You should bring any special food, medications, and perhaps a favorite toy or blanket to make your cat feel at home.