Cats are not just pets; they’re part of the family. And just like any family member, they deserve their own special space to play, scratch, and relax. With a variety of cat furniture and scratchers on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top cat furniture and scratchers that will keep your feline friends entertained and satisfied. From towering skyscrapers to cozy diners, each piece has its own unique features designed to cater to your cat’s natural instincts and provide them with the perfect place to call their own.

Key Takeaways

  • A variety of cat furniture options are available to satisfy the natural instincts of scratching, climbing, and relaxing.
  • Multi-level towers offer different views and amenities, making them perfect for multi-cat households.
  • Incorporating materials like rope, carpet, and corrugated cardboard can help maintain healthy claws and promote positive scratching behaviors.
  • Themed playhouses and loungers provide not only a space for play but also a cozy spot for napping and resting.
  • Compact designs are available for those with limited space, ensuring that every cat can have a place to scratch and stretch.

1. Kitty Skyscraper Tower

1. Kitty Skyscraper Tower

The Kitty Skyscraper Tower stands as the pinnacle of feline architecture, offering a luxurious multi-level haven for your cat. With 4 distinct levels of lounging, each providing unique views and amenities, it’s perfect for households with multiple cats. The 19-inch-long base ensures the tower’s stability, making it suitable for both large adult cats and playful kittens.


    • Provides enticing levels for fun and relaxation.
    • Large hanging rope keeps playful kitties entertained.

    • Offers many levels of lounging, scratching, and perching.
    • Features a hideaway tunnel and large flat surfaces for space.

The Kitty Skyscraper Tower is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a vertical domain for your feline overlords to survey their kingdom.

Here’s a quick glance at the product details:

Feature Description
Levels 4 distinct lounging areas
Base 19-inch-long, sturdy
Design Multi-cat household friendly
Stability Suitable for vigorous play

This tower is a testament to the fact that cat furniture can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, satisfying your cat’s natural instincts to climb, perch, and oversee their environment.

2. Kitty Diner & Playhouse

2. Kitty Diner & Playhouse

The Kitty Diner & Playhouse offers a unique dining and lounging experience for your feline friends. With a plush-lined condo for the ultimate kitty napping experience, this piece of furniture is a must-have for cat owners. It features rope and carpet surfaces to encourage healthy scratching habits, keeping your cats entertained and your furniture safe.


  • Unique design for stylish dining
  • Plush-lined condo for napping
  • Rope and carpet surfaces for scratching


Model Number Surface Material Additional Features
#11426 Rope & Carpet Plush-lined condo

The Kitty Diner & Playhouse is not just a place for your cat to eat and sleep; it’s a haven for them to indulge in their natural scratching and lounging instincts.

Remember, providing a dedicated space for your cats to scratch and relax can significantly enhance their quality of life. The Kitty Diner & Playhouse is designed to cater to these needs with elegance and comfort.

3. Kitty Cat Tower with Rope

3. Kitty Cat Tower with Rope

The Kitty Cat Tower with Rope is a multi-level paradise for cats who love to climb, scratch, and lounge. Its robust design includes multiple scratch surfaces, a playtime rope, and a comfortable cradle for rest. This tower is a fantastic choice for multi-cat households, providing ample space for feline friends to explore and enjoy their own territory.

  • Features:
    • 3-story tower with condo
    • Large hanging rope for play
    • Multiple scratch surfaces
    • Comfortable cradle

The Kitty Cat Tower with Rope offers a towering view from the top, ensuring your cat enjoys the high vantage points it naturally seeks.

Model Number Description Dimensions
#11427 Kitty Cat Tower with Rope Varies by model

Cats will find the sisal rope scratching posts irresistible, which are strategically placed on each level to encourage healthy scratching behavior. The tower’s surfaces are covered in a combination of fluffy faux fur and carpet, providing a variety of textures for your cat to enjoy.

4. Kitty Hang Out

4. Kitty Hang Out

The Kitty Hang Out is a multi-level paradise for cats who love to climb, scratch, and lounge. This cat tree is designed to cater to your cat’s natural instincts while providing a stylish addition to your home decor. The structure is handcrafted in the USA, ensuring a high-quality, durable product that will last for years.


  • Multiple levels for climbing and exploration
  • Variety of perches for lounging
  • Secluded condo for privacy and relaxation
  • Solid wood construction with household grade carpet
  • Easy to assemble with pre-built quality


Height Width Depth
58" 24" 22"

Why Cats Love It

Cats are naturally drawn to elevated spaces, and the Kitty Hang Out provides the perfect vantage point for your feline to survey their kingdom. The different textures and materials offer an enriching environment that satisfies scratching urges and encourages play.

The Kitty Hang Out is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a haven for your cat to feel secure and entertained.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers rave about the Kitty Hang Out’s sturdy construction and the joy it brings to their cats. The ease of assembly and the quality of the materials are frequently highlighted in positive reviews.

Care and Maintenance

To keep the Kitty Hang Out in top condition, regular cleaning of the carpeted areas and inspection of the structure for any signs of wear is recommended. This ensures a safe and enjoyable space for your cat for years to come.

5. Kitty Tower, Small

5. Kitty Tower, Small

The Kitty Tower, Small is the perfect solution for cat owners with limited space who still want to provide their feline friends with a fun and engaging environment. This compact tower offers a variety of activities and resting spots, making it an ideal choice for those with one or two cats.


Material Sisal, Plush, Particle Board
Max. Load 1-2 cats (each under 22 lbs)


  • 3 story tower with a cozy condo for relaxation
  • Large hanging rope for endless entertainment
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Attractive design that fits any home decor

The Kitty Tower, Small not only satisfies your cat’s natural instincts to scratch and climb but also blends seamlessly into your home with its stylish design.

This piece of furniture is a must-have for cat lovers who appreciate a blend of functionality and aesthetics in their cat’s play space. Its robust construction ensures longevity, while the various levels provide your cat with the stimulation they need to stay active and happy.

6. Kitty Koffee Shop

6. Kitty Koffee Shop

The Kitty Koffee Shop is a charming and whimsical addition to any cat owner’s home. This unique piece of cat furniture is designed to resemble a quaint coffee shop, complete with a coffee cup shaped dangler to engage your cat in playful activities. It’s not just about the looks; this coffee shop-themed scratcher serves as a perfect spot for your feline to sharpen their claws, sparing your furniture from unwanted scratches.

Here are some key features:

  • Themed play-n-scratch area
  • Hanging coffee cup dangler
  • Encourages positive scratching behaviors

The Kitty Koffee Shop combines fun with functionality, offering a cozy hideout and a playful environment for your cat.

Dimension Description
Height 16.5”
Width 12”
Depth 15”

This delightful scratcher is not only a playful sanctuary for your cat but also doubles as a stylish home decor piece. Its compact size makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring your cat can enjoy their own little coffee corner in any setting.

7. Contemporary Kitty

7. Contemporary Kitty

The Contemporary Kitty furniture line is the epitome of modern cat design, blending aesthetics with functionality. Encouraging positive scratching behaviors, this furniture is a savior for your cherished home decor. It’s the perfect place for your cat to rest, scratch, and play.

  • Dimensions: 37" Height
  • Materials: Solid wood, household grade carpet
  • Features:
    • Two-story cat tree
    • Thick and plush carpeting
    • Sturdy construction

The Contemporary Kitty line offers a sleek and stylish addition to any cat owner’s home, ensuring that both the feline and the human’s tastes are catered to.

The furniture is handcrafted in the USA, ensuring quality and durability. It combines ready-to-assemble shipping with pre-built quality, offering the best of both worlds for cat owners.

Model Number Height Material Features
#16402 37" Wood, Carpet Two-story, Plush

Remember, a content cat is a happy cat, and the Contemporary Kitty furniture is designed to keep your feline friend both entertained and comfortable.

8. Scratch N Nest with Bed

8. Scratch N Nest with Bed

The Scratch N Nest with Bed combines the joy of scratching with the comfort of a cozy bed. A soft pillow bed sits atop this cat furniture, providing a perfect spot for your feline to survey their kingdom. The corrugated scratching pad offers a satisfying surface for nail maintenance and territory marking.


  • Corrugated scratching pad
  • Soft pillow bed on top
  • Sturdy construction


  • Encourages natural scratching behavior
  • Provides a comfortable resting area
  • Enhances the living space with its stylish design


Model Number Material Dimensions Weight Limit
#11424 Corrugated Pad Standard Size Up to 15 lbs

User Reviews

  • "My cat loves the height and the comfy bed!"
  • "Sturdy and doesn’t tip over easily."
  • "The scratching pad is a hit with my two cats."

The Scratch N Nest with Bed is an ideal choice for pet owners looking for a multifunctional piece of cat furniture that satisfies both the need for play and rest.

9. Scratch-N-Lounge

9. Scratch-N-Lounge

The Scratch-N-Lounge combines the best of both worlds for cats: a place to satisfy their scratching urges and a cozy spot to relax. This piece of cat furniture is a must-have for any cat owner looking to prevent their feline friends from damaging household items. With its corrugated cardboard surface, it’s no wonder cats are drawn to it for both play and rest.

  • Durability: Corrugated cardboard is known for its long-lasting qualities.
  • Comfort: The texture of the cardboard provides a comfortable surface for cats to lounge on.
  • Functionality: It serves as both a scratcher and a lounger, making it a versatile addition to your cat’s environment.

The Scratch-N-Lounge is an ideal solution for cats to mark their territory and enjoy a peaceful nap afterwards, without the worry of them turning to your furniture instead.

Here’s a quick look at the features:

Feature Description
Material Corrugated cardboard
Dual Purpose Scratching surface and lounging area
Design Space-saving and cat-friendly

Remember, providing a dedicated space for your cat to scratch and relax not only keeps them happy but also saves your furniture from potential damage.

10. Playground Perch with Cardboard

10. Playground Perch with Cardboard

The Playground Perch with Cardboard combines comfort and fun in a compact and versatile design. It features a cozy bed with a panoramic view, perfect for lounging and surveying the kingdom. Below, a large corrugate scratching pad awaits, angled to promote stretching and scratching, satisfying your cat’s natural instincts.

This all-in-one solution addresses everything a cat could need, from a comfortable perch to a durable scratching surface.

Key Features:

  • Cozy elevated bed
  • Large corrugate scratching pad
  • Angled design for optimal scratching
  • Compact and space-saving


Item Number Description Dimensions (HxWxD)
#11421 Playground Perch w/ Cardboard 20"x15"x15"

Cats will be endlessly entertained with the addition of toys like the Bat-N-Bounce and Barbell Roller, featuring colorful feathers and bells to stimulate play. The corrugate barbell and roller are designed for pouncing and provide healthy exercise, while the 2 Story Perch with Donut Bed offers another level of comfort and climbing fun.

Recommended Add-ons:

  • Bat-N-Bounce (#10227)
  • Barbell Roller (#10228)
  • Corrugate Barbell (#10229)
  • 2 Story Perch w/ Donut Bed (#10768)

The Playground Perch with Cardboard is a must-have for any cat owner looking to enrich their feline’s environment with a piece of furniture that is both practical and enjoyable.

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In conclusion, providing your feline friends with the right furniture and scratchers is essential for their well-being and entertainment. From the classic 21" Scratching Post to the elaborate Kitty Skyscraper Tower, there’s a variety of options to suit every cat’s preferences and every owner’s home. Whether your cat enjoys the coziness of the Scratch N Nest with Bed or the adventurous heights of the Kitty Tower, these top picks are designed to encourage healthy scratching habits, offer comfortable resting spots, and stimulate active play. Remember, investing in quality cat furniture not only keeps your pets happy and engaged but also helps protect your own furniture from their natural scratching instincts. Choose the best fit for your cat and watch them enjoy countless hours of fun and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in these cat furniture pieces?

The cat furniture pieces are typically made with a combination of carpet, rope, corrugated cardboard, and sisal, providing various textures for cats to enjoy and scratch.

Are these cat furniture options suitable for multiple-cat households?

Yes, several options like the Kitty Skyscraper Tower and Kitty Cat Tower with Rope are designed with multiple levels and amenities, making them perfect for homes with more than one cat.

Do these products come with toys or activities for cats?

Many of these furniture pieces include playful elements such as dangling toys, rope scratchers, and feather toys to engage cats and encourage active play.

Is there a compact option for small spaces?

Yes, the Kitty Tower, Small and the Scratch N Nest with Bed are more compact options that provide a combination of scratching surfaces and lounging areas without taking up too much space.

How do these furniture pieces promote healthy scratching behavior?

The furniture pieces are designed with scratching surfaces made of materials like corrugated cardboard and sisal, which are appealing to cats and encourage them to scratch in designated areas instead of on furniture.

Can the scratching surfaces be replaced if they wear out?

Some furniture pieces have replaceable scratching surfaces, such as the corrugated cardboard, to ensure longevity and continued use even after extensive scratching.