The ‘Cat in the Bag Cat Carrier’ has been making waves in the pet travel industry, offering a blend of convenience and comfort for both feline friends and their human companions. This review delves into the carrier’s portability, standout features, cozy design, customer feedback, and weighs the pros and cons to help pet owners decide if it’s the right choice for their furry travelers.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cat in the Bag Carrier is celebrated for its portability and ability to fit under airline seats, making it a top choice for traveling pet owners.
  • Key features like the loaf tray, ample storage pockets, and privacy flaps cater to both cat comfort and owner convenience.
  • Its cozy design includes a plush pad and machine-washable cover, ensuring a comfortable journey and easy maintenance.
  • Customer reviews highlight the carrier’s functionality and style, along with excellent customer service from the manufacturer.
  • While the carrier is generally well-received, some users have noted issues with zipper functionality and questioned the value of the ‘Sensitive Cat’ upgrade.

Purr-fectly Portable: The Cat in the Bag Experience

Purr-fectly Portable: The Cat in the Bag Experience

Backpack Bliss: Strapping in Your Feline Friend

When it comes to cat transportation, we’ve all had our share of hiss-terical moments. But with the Cat in the Bag Cat Carrier, we’re talking about a game-changer in feline travel. This backpack is the cat’s pajamas, offering both convenience and feline comfort that’s simply purr-fect for your whiskered wanderer.

Here’s the scoop: the backpack is a snug fortress for your kitty, complete with a built-in leash for those Houdini-esque escape artists. It’s like a mobile cat condo that’s breathable, expandable, and, most importantly, comfortable to wear. But let’s not forget, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. If your cat is more Garfield than kitten-sized, they might find this backpack a bit of a tight squeeze.

The true beauty of this carrier lies in its versatility. It’s not just a backpack; it’s a transformer! With adjustable straps that morph into backpack mode, you can switch from hand-held to back-loaded in no time. And for the jet-setting cats, it’s an airline-friendly size that’ll have you both flying high without any turbulence.

Let’s break it down:

  • Holds up to 30 lbs of purr-sonality
  • Converts easily for your carrying comfort
  • Washable fleece mat for those inevitable cat naps
  • Dark interior for a serene travel experience
  • Side pockets for treats and toys

And if you’re worried about keeping your kitty cozy, the roll-up panel on the front mesh window adds an extra layer of privacy. It’s like a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for your cat’s personal space. Plus, with easy-to-clean surfaces and a machine-washable mat, you’ll be as happy as a cat with a feather wand.

For more details on the Cat in the Bag and other feline travel gear, check out CatsLuvUs. Trust us, it’s the purr-fect spot for cat lovers!

Airline Acrobatics: Fitting Under Seats with Finesse

Traveling with our feline friends can be a bit like herding cats, but with the right carrier, it’s a walk in the park – or a glide through the airport! Our Cat in the Bag carrier is the cat’s pajamas when it comes to airline travel, fitting snugly under the seat with the finesse of a cat burglar. No need to paws your journey with worry; we’ve got the scoop on how to make your cat’s in-cabin experience purr-fectly pleasant.

When it comes to airline acrobatics, not all carriers are created equal. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure your kitty’s carrier is up to the task:

  • Airline Approved: Check the carrier’s dimensions against your airline’s pet policy.
  • Soft-Sided: A must-have for squeezing into tight spaces.
  • Collapsible: Because space is at a premium, both in your luggage and under the seat.
  • Privacy Flaps: Sometimes a cat just needs a little me-time.

Remember, while the Cat in the Bag carrier is designed to be the purr-fect fit for most airlines, it’s always best to verify with your specific airline before traveling. After all, we wouldn’t want any cat-astrophic surprises!

Our carrier not only meets the dimension and soft-sided requirements but also adds a touch of luxury with a rollable flap for privacy – because even cats need a break from the paparazzi. And for those concerned about size, fear not! Customers have reported that even carriers that look too large at first glance have fit purr-fectly under seats on airlines like United, with check-in as seamless as a cat’s whisker.

For more tips on traveling with your cat and choosing the best carrier, visit CatsLuvUs. We’re all about making your cat’s travel experience as comfortable as their favorite sunspot. So, let’s not let the cat out of the bag just yet – read on to discover more about how the Cat in the Bag can make your next trip with your kitty as smooth as a kitten’s fur!

Loafing Around: The Loaf Tray Luxury

When it comes to traveling with our feline overlords, we’ve all been kneading a solution that’s the cat’s pajamas. Enter the loaf tray luxury feature of our beloved carrier. It’s like a first-class lounge for your lounging Lynx. This nifty addition is purr-fect for those long journeys where a pit stop for a litter break isn’t on the cards.

Here’s the scoop on the loaf tray:

  • Easy In, Easy Out: The tray slides out smoother than a cat on a marble floor, making clean-up a breeze.
  • Discreet Dining: Side pouches mean your kitty can have their kibble and eat it too, without any mess.
  • Comfort for Chonks: Even the more, ahem, ‘fluffy’ cats have room to stretch out.

We all know that a comfy cat is a happy cat, and a happy cat means a peaceful journey for everyone involved.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the rave reviews over at, where cat parents are meowing about the convenience of this carrier. From the seamless integration of the tray to the extra storage for treats and toys, it’s clear that this carrier is a game-changer for cat travel.

The Cat’s Meow: Features That Make Felines Flip

The Cat's Meow: Features That Make Felines Flip

Mesh Madness: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Pet

When it comes to cat carriers, we all want our purr-ecious companions to breathe easy, don’t we? Well, the Cat in the Bag carrier has taken this to heart with its mesh madness feature, ensuring your kitty won’t feel like they’re in a stuffy box. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your pet—literally!

The mesh panels are not just for show; they serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they provide ample ventilation, keeping the air inside the carrier as fresh as a daisy (or should we say, as fresh as catnip?). Secondly, they allow your curious cat to keep an eye on the world outside, satisfying their feline FOMO without compromising on safety.

Here’s a quick rundown of the mesh features:

  • Ventilation Galore: Your cat will be the coolest kitty on the block.
  • Peek-a-Boo Panels: For the curious cat who likes to watch the world go by.
  • Safety First: Durable mesh that stands up to sharp claws.

Remember, a well-ventilated carrier means a less stressed, more comfortable cat—and that’s something both you and your feline friend can appreciate.

Now, let’s not forget the importance of security. The mesh is claw-resistant, so even the most Houdini-esque of cats won’t be making a great escape. And for those who worry about their cat’s privacy, fear not! The carrier comes with optional flaps to cover the mesh, giving your cat the solitude they sometimes crave.

For more insights on keeping your cat content and secure, check out CatsLuvUs. It’s the purr-fect place for cat lovers seeking tips and tricks for feline freedom!

Pocket Pizzazz: Storage Galore for Catnip and More

When it comes to traveling with our whiskered companions, we all know that the right amount of catnip can make the difference between a peaceful journey and a caterwauling catastrophe. That’s why the Cat in the Bag carrier is not just a bag; it’s a portable feline command center! With pockets aplenty, you can stash all your kitty’s favorites, from toys to treats, ensuring a purr-pleasing trip.

But wait, there’s more! These aren’t just any pockets; they’re designed with the savvy traveler in mind. Let’s break it down:

  • Easy Access: Quick-grab pockets for when Mr. Whiskers needs his play fix, stat!
  • Secure Zippers: No more fears of a mid-flight mouse escape.
  • Insulated Compartments: Keep those snacks fresh, because no one likes a stale treat, least of all your discerning cat.

And for those who appreciate a clean and tidy travel experience, the Breeze system offers a convenient and clean portable litter solution. It’s a game-changer with foldable sides, insulating lining, and a smooth zipper for easy cleanup. No more litter-ally dealing with messes on the go!

Remember, a well-packed carrier means a happy cat and a serene human. It’s the ultimate win-win situation in the game of cat and mouse.

So, whether you’re jet-setting with your feline or just heading to the vet, the Cat in the Bag carrier ensures that you’ve got everything covered. For more details on this marvel of cat conveyance, scamper on over to CatsLuvUs. Trust us, it’s the purr-fect fit for your travel needs!

Privacy Please: Flaps for the Shy Feline

When it comes to our feline friends, we know that some prefer their own secret hideaway. That’s why the Cat in the Bag carrier comes with privacy flaps that cater to the most bashful of kitties. Whether they’re voyaging to the vet or just tagging along on a family trip, these flaps provide a secluded sanctuary for your pet.

Here’s the scoop on why these flaps are the cat’s pajamas:

  • They offer a safe space for cats who are easily overwhelmed by their surroundings.
  • The flaps can be adjusted to provide a peekaboo window or a full cover, depending on your cat’s mood.
  • They’re purr-fect for reducing stress during travel, making the journey more enjoyable for everyone involved.

We’ve all been there, trying to coax a scaredy-cat out of their shell. With these privacy flaps, your kitty can take a break from the world and relax in their cozy nook.

But let’s not forget that while privacy is key, so is security. Some clever cats might think they’re Houdini and attempt an escape act. That’s why the Cat in the Bag carrier is designed with secure zippers and Velcro that keep the flaps in place, ensuring your furry escape artist stays put.

For those considering the upgrade to the ‘Sensitive Cat’ version, here’s a quick comparison:

Feature Standard Carrier Sensitive Cat Version
Privacy Flaps Yes Enhanced
Security High Even Higher
Price Purr-fect A little more scratch

In conclusion, whether your cat is a social butterfly or a wallflower, the privacy flaps on the Cat in the Bag carrier ensure they can travel in comfort and style. And if you’re looking to give your kitty the ultimate in travel luxury, consider the ‘Sensitive Cat’ upgrade. For more feline travel tips and tricks, visit CatsLuvUs. Remember, a happy cat means a happy lap!

The Tail of Comfort: Cozy Cat Conveyance

The Tail of Comfort: Cozy Cat Conveyance

Plush Pads: The Ultimate Catnap Spot

When it comes to catnapping, our feline friends are the reigning monarchs of snoozeville. That’s why we’ve made sure our Cat in the Bag carrier is equipped with the plushiest of pads to craft a cozy kitten kingdom. These chic cat beds come in various sizes and colors, ensuring comfort, style, and practicality for your feline friend’s purr-fect slumber.

Our carrier’s padded base isn’t just a throne of fluff; it’s a marvel of convenience. Accidents? No problem! The easy-to-clean design means that cat hair and dirt are no match for our machine-washable mat. And let’s not forget the slide-out tray that makes access to your kitty as easy as a cat’s stretch after a good nap.

We’ve thought of everything, from the dark interior that blocks out overstimulation to the roll-up panel for those shy kitties who demand an extra dose of privacy.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features that make our plush pads the ultimate catnap spot:

  • Holds up to 30 lbs of purring love
  • Airline-friendly size for jet-setting whiskers
  • Converts from a traditional carrier to a backpack with ease
  • Washable fleece mat insert for dreamy comfort
  • Dark interior and roll-up panel for a snug hideaway
  • Side pockets and large zipper pouch for all the kitty essentials

Remember, a well-rested cat is a happy cat, and with our carrier, you’re not just buying a travel accessory; you’re investing in your cat’s well-being. So, why not give your cat the luxury of the best catnap spot on the go? For more details, visit CatsLuvUs and let your kitty thank you with the softest of purrs.

Machine-Washable Wonders: Keeping It Clean

We all know that cats are the epitome of cleanliness, and they demand nothing less from their human-provided accommodations. So, when it comes to the Cat in the Bag Cat Carrier, we’re purring with delight over its machine-washable wonders. No more fretting over furballs or dreading the aftermath of a kitty ‘oops’ moment. Just toss that soft fleece bed into the washer, and voila! It’s as fresh as a catnap in the sun.

Here’s the scoop on keeping your carrier spick-and-span:

  • Care Instructions: Keep it cool with a max wash temperature of 30° Celsius. Remember, your carrier is like a cat in a sunbeam – it doesn’t like getting too hot!
  • Washing Tips: Inside out is the way to go, just like a cat flipping its ear when annoyed. And skip the fabric softener; your cat’s comfort doesn’t need artificial enhancement.
  • Drying: Air dry the carrier like it’s lounging on a windowsill. Tumble drying is a no-go, as it could shrink faster than a cat confronted with a cucumber.

Keeping your carrier clean is a breeze, ensuring that your feline friend can travel in a spotless, odor-free environment. After all, a clean carrier is the cornerstone of a contented cat.

Remember, while the carrier itself is a haven of washable convenience, always check the weight limit before purchasing. We wouldn’t want your cat to feel like a sardine in a tin, would we? And for those who are always on the move, the carrier’s foldable design means you can stow it away faster than a cat can escape a bath.

For more tips on maintaining the purr-fect pet carrier, visit CatsLuvUs.

Safety Leashes: Because Nine Lives Aren’t Enough

When it comes to our feline friends, we all know they’re notorious for their Houdini-like escape acts. But with the Cat in the Bag Cat Carrier, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve that even the craftiest of kitties can’t outwit: the built-in safety leash. This nifty feature is the purr-fect way to keep your whiskered wanderer securely by your side, whether you’re strolling through the park or navigating the urban jungle.

Here’s the scoop on why this leash is the cat’s pajamas:

  • Adjustable Straps: Tailored to fit cats of all sizes, from the petite purr-ball to the hefty Maine Coon.
  • Soft Materials: Ensures your cat’s comfort, because a chafed kitty is a grumpy kitty.
  • Escape-Proof Design: Crafted to keep your cat safely contained, because we all know curiosity didn’t really kill the cat, but it sure can cause a ruckus.

We’ve all been there, that heart-stopping moment when Fluffy decides to make a break for it. With the Cat in the Bag’s safety leash, those days are behind us. No more ‘cat-astrophic’ escapes, just peace of mind and happy tails.

Remember, a tethered tabby is a safe tabby. So, before you embark on your next adventure, make sure to check out Cats Luv Us for a guide to choosing the best kitten harness for outdoor adventures, focusing on comfort and security. With adjustable straps, soft materials, and escape-proof designs, you’ll be set for a purr-fect day out with your furry sidekick.

Customer Purr-spectives: The Human Take on the Tote

Customer Purr-spectives: The Human Take on the Tote

Rave Reviews: Why Humans Are Feline Good About This Carrier

We’ve been on the prowl, scouring the internet for the best cat carrier, and we’ve found that humans are absolutely feline good about the Cat in the Bag. It’s not just a carrier; it’s a portable purr-adise for your whiskered wanderers. Our customers are meowing with approval, and it’s easy to see why.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Comfort: Cats are snug as a bug in a rug, with plenty of room to stretch their paws.
  • Convenience: From backpack to under-seat fit, it’s the cat’s pajamas for travel.
  • Craftsmanship: Built like a cat fortress, it’s the purr-fect blend of durability and design.

We’re not kitten around when we say this carrier has been a game-changer for cat travel.

But don’t just take our word for it; let’s let the cat out of the bag with some rave reviews from our human companions:

  • Kira Tomenchok says, "My cat loved it!" noting the carrier’s fit under airplane seats and the helpful customer support.
  • Diane Blair purrs about the carrier being "extremely well made and durable," and how it’s easy to carry.
  • An anonymous cat enthusiast was "honestly shocked" at how the carrier was like "swaddling for cats."

While the occasional zipper may get stuck, the overwhelming consensus is that the Cat in the Bag is the cat’s meow. For more whisker-licking reviews, check out CatsLuvUs.

Customer Service Cuddles: Support That’s the Cat’s Pajamas

When it comes to customer service, we’re not kitten around. Our team is as attentive as a cat on a mouse hunt, ensuring that every inquiry is met with a purr-sonal touch. We believe that every customer deserves the red carpet treatment, even if that carpet is covered in catnip.

Our support staff are trained to handle any cat-astrophe, big or small. Whether you’re clawing at questions about your order or just need some advice on which product might make your kitty purr with delight, we’re here for you. Here’s a quick rundown of what makes our customer service the cat’s meow:

  • Responsive Support: Quick as a cat, our team is on the ball to assist you.
  • Knowledgeable Team: They know our products like the back of their paw.
  • Personalized Assistance: Tailored advice for your feline’s needs.

We’re not just selling cat carriers; we’re building a community of happy humans and their feline friends. And when you need us, we’ll be there faster than you can say ‘meow’.

For those who’ve already had the pleasure of dealing with our customer service, you’ll know that we’re not just another company trying to make a quick buck. We’re passionate about pets, and we want to make sure that you and your whiskered companion are satisfied. If you’re curious about what other cat enthusiasts are saying, feel free to pounce over to our reviews and see for yourself why our support is top-notch.

Remember, when you’re happy, we’re purring—and there’s nothing more comforting than a contented cat curled up on your lap… or a satisfied customer with a top-quality cat carrier!

The Price of Purr-fection: Is It Worth the Scratch?

When it comes to the well-being of our whiskered companions, we often find ourselves asking, "Is the price tag on this cat carrier just a bunch of fluff?" Let’s not beat around the bush; quality cat carriers don’t come cheap. But, as the wise old cat lady once said, "You get what you pay for." And in the case of the Cat in the Bag Cat Carrier, we’re talking about a product that’s the cat’s pajamas!

The real question is, does the cost reflect the cat-venience and comfort provided? We’ve done the legwork and compared the price to the purrks offered. Here’s the scoop:

  • Durability: This isn’t just any old cat sack; it’s built to last through nine lives and beyond!
  • Comfort: With plush padding, your kitty will be on cloud nine.
  • Safety: Equipped with safety leashes, it’s like a feline seatbelt!

When considering the cost, remember that Cats Luv offers affordable cat food with discounts, subscription savings, and values. Consider quality over price for your cat’s health and well-being.

So, is shelling out the scratch for this carrier worth it? Absolutely! It’s an investment in your cat’s comfort and safety, and let’s be honest, can you really put a price on your furball’s happiness? We think not! After all, isn’t pampering your pet what being a cat parent is all about?

The Litter Box Lowdown: Weighing the Pros and Cons

The Litter Box Lowdown: Weighing the Pros and Cons

The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly: An Honest Assessment

When it comes to the Cat in the Bag Cat Carrier, we’ve got to lay it all out on the table—fur real. Let’s start with the good: this carrier is the cat’s pajamas when it comes to portability and convenience. With a design that’s as sleek as a Siamese and as sturdy as a Maine Coon, you can tote your kitty companion around with ease. But it’s not all catnip and cream; there are a few scratchy points to consider.

The carrier’s mesh windows are a breath of fresh air for your whiskered wanderers, ensuring they get plenty of ventilation during their travels. And let’s not forget the pocket pizzazz—there’s ample storage for all your feline’s favorites, from toys to treats.

However, some cat carers have reported that the zippers could use a bit more reinforcement. After all, we all know that curiosity didn’t really kill the cat—it was probably a faulty zipper! And while we’re on the subject of safety, the carrier includes a leash attachment, because let’s face it, nine lives are never enough when you’re adventuring.

As for the cuddly factor, the plush pads inside are purr-fect for a cozy catnap. But remember, even the softest cushion won’t matter if your kitty isn’t happy with the litter situation at home. Here’s a quick guide to choosing cat litter:

  • Prioritize low dust and tracking control to keep your home clean.
  • Easy cleaning and unscented options are a must for cat comfort.
  • Consider clumping vs. non-clumping for your convenience and odor control.

In the grand scheme of things, the Cat in the Bag Cat Carrier is a solid choice for pet parents on the go. It’s got the essentials down pat, but like any product, it’s not without its quirks. So, weigh the pros and cons, check out more at CatsLuvUs, and decide if it’s the purr-fect fit for you and your furry friend.

Zippers and Security: Keeping Curiosity from Killing the Cat

When it comes to cat carriers, we all want to ensure our whiskered wanderers can’t pull a Houdini on us. That’s why the Cat in the Bag carrier comes with a clever little feature: auto-locking zippers. These nifty gadgets can only be opened from the outside, which means your furry escape artist will have to find another way to practice their disappearing act.

But let’s not forget, even the best of gadgets can have their off days. Some cat parents have reported that their feline friends have managed to outsmart the system, leading to some unexpected games of hide and seek. To avoid such shenanigans, here’s a quick checklist to ensure your cat’s carrier is as secure as a vault:

  • Check the zippers before every trip to make sure they’re functioning properly.
  • Look for carriers with secure latches or locks as an added precaution.
  • Always use a safety leash or harness attachment inside the carrier.

Remember, a secure carrier doesn’t just prevent escapes; it also ensures your cat’s safety during travel.

For those of us with particularly crafty kitties, it might be worth considering carriers with alternative fastening methods. Some models use secure latches that click into place, offering a fortress-like security for your cat. And for the ultimate in catio considerations, visit CatsLuvUs for tips on feline safety and enjoyment, including secure fencing and entertainment options.

The Upgrade Debate: Is the ‘Sensitive Cat’ Version the Cat’s Whiskers?

When it comes to our sensitive whiskered companions, we’re always on the prowl for the purr-fect carrier. The ‘Sensitive Cat’ version of the Cat in the Bag carrier might just be the catnip to your kitty’s soul. But is it really the cat’s whiskers? Let’s claw into the details.

The ‘Sensitive Cat’ version boasts an upgraded sturdy metal frame, ensuring that even the most dramatic of felines, like the infamous Captain Jack, won’t turn travel into a catastrophe. It’s designed to withstand the compression-resistance of a feisty feline’s antics, making it a fortress of solitude for the more… theatrical cats among us.

Here’s a quick rundown of the ‘Sensitive Cat’ version features:

  • Upgraded sturdy metal frame for enhanced durability
  • Enhanced privacy flaps for the introverted feline
  • Extra plush padding for the ultimate comfort
  • Specialized compartments for all your cat’s travel needs

We know that for some kitties, the journey is just as important as the destination. That’s why the ‘Sensitive Cat’ version is tailored to keep your furry friend feeling secure and serene, no matter the distance.

But let’s not forget the elephant in the room—or should we say, the lion in the den? The cost. Is shelling out the extra scratch for the ‘Sensitive Cat’ version worth it? Well, if your cat’s comfort and your peace of mind are at stake, it might just be a price worth paying. After all, we’re not kitten around when we say that a happy cat makes for a happy human.

For more insights and feline tips, don’t forget to check out Catster for all things cat-tastic!

Navigating the nuances of feline hygiene can be a tricky affair, but understanding the ‘The Litter Box Lowdown’ is essential for any cat owner. From the type of litter to the frequency of cleaning, each choice impacts your cat’s health and your home’s cleanliness. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of different litter box solutions, don’t hesitate to visit our website for expert advice and top-notch cat care services. Whether you need grooming, boarding, or just some friendly advice, we’re here to help. [Claim your free night] at Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel and ensure your cat’s comfort and safety today!

Conclusion: The Purr-fect Travel Companion?

After a thorough review, it’s clear that the Cat in the Bag Cat Carrier is more than just a ‘meow-velous’ pun; it’s a feline’s dream for cozy travel and a human’s dream for convenience. From the ‘paws-itive’ feedback of Kira Tomenchok to the ‘tail’ of its airline compliance and washable plush bed, this carrier has proven to be the ‘cat’s pajamas’ of travel gear. Sure, it may not be the ‘purrrfect’ fit for every kitty—what with the occasional zipper snag and the price tag that might make you ‘hiss’—but for those seeking a ‘furr-tastic’ journey with their four-legged overlords, this carrier might just be the ‘cat’s meow’. So, if you’re ready to ‘pounce’ on a new travel solution, consider letting the Cat in the Bag out—it might just be the ‘claw-some’ carrier you’ve been searching for!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cat in the Bag carrier airline compliant?

Yes, the carrier is designed to comply with airline regulations, featuring a top domed mesh section that can be pushed down to fit under seats, ensuring hassle-free air travel with your feline friend.

Can the Cat in the Bag carrier’s plush bed lining be cleaned?

Absolutely! The plush bed lining is not only comfortable for your cat but also removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Does the Cat in the Bag carrier offer good ventilation for my cat?

Definitely. The carrier is equipped with mesh sides and a top mesh section to ensure good airflow, keeping your pet comfortable throughout the journey.

Is there a version of the carrier for sensitive cats?

Yes, there’s an upgrade option known as the ‘sensitive cat’ version, which includes extra privacy flaps to create a calming environment for cats that may be easily stressed.

Are there any issues with the zippers on the Cat in the Bag carrier?

Some users have reported that the zippers can get stuck occasionally, but overall, the carrier is well-constructed with strong metal zippers for added security.

What additional features does the Cat in the Bag carrier have for convenience?

The carrier boasts a backpack style for easy carrying, multiple pockets for storage, an interior safety leash, and a machine-washable, reversible cushion for your cat’s comfort.