Finding the perfect cat kennel for your furry friend can be challenging, especially when you want to ensure they’re as comfortable and happy as possible during your absence. This article highlights the top 5 cat kennels for boarding, focusing on the amenities and services that make each one stand out. Whether you’re looking for luxury accommodations or a cozy spot that feels like home, these kennels offer something for every feline.

Key Takeaways

  • CatsLuvUs is renowned for its exceptional room service and high satisfaction scores, ensuring a stress-free stay for your cat.
  • The Grand Paw combines luxury with essential cat-friendly amenities, providing both outdoor play areas and expert grooming.
  • Kitty Condos offers a balance between luxury and economy, catering to all your cat’s needs without breaking the bank.
  • Cat Naps and Playtime focuses on the essentials of sleep and play, ensuring facilities are equipped for both activities.
  • Pampered Paws is worth the splurge for extra services, focusing on the quality of care over the lavishness of amenities.

1. CatsLuvUs

cozy cat kennel with comfortable bedding and toys

Welcome to CatsLuvUs, where every whisker is pampered and every purr is cherished! At CatsLuvUs, we’re not just a boarding facility; we’re a luxury hotel for your feline overlords. Our cattery is purrrfect for your feline friends, offering a range of services that cater to the most aristocatic tastes.

Why Choose Us?

  • Safety First: Our facilities are designed to ensure your cat’s safety and comfort.
  • Luxury Accommodations: Plush bedding and private play areas.
  • Personalized Care: Each kitty receives individual attention and care.

Come take a tour and see why CatsLuvUs is the cat’s whiskers of cat boarding!

Our doors are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Saturday. Unfortunately, we’re closed on Sundays, but that’s just to give our staff some well-deserved rest! Remember, at CatsLuvUs, your cat isn’t just staying with us; they’re enjoying a mini-vacation!

2. The Grand Paw

luxurious cat kennel boarding facility

Welcome to The Grand Paw, where your feline friend can live the high life! Imagine a place where luxury meets catnip dreams, and you’ve got The Grand Paw. This full-service resort offers everything from climate-controlled indoor playrooms to outdoor play yards that will make your kitty’s whiskers twitch with excitement.

At The Grand Paw, it’s not just about the sparkle of luxury, but the warmth of the care that makes your cat feel at home.

Here’s what your cat can look forward to:

  • Outdoor play yards: Perfect for sunbathing and bird watching.
  • Indoor playrooms: Safe, climate-controlled spaces for endless fun.
  • Gourmet meals: Mimicking the comforts of home, because your cat deserves the best.

Whether it’s basking in the outdoor yards or enjoying a gourmet meal, your cat will be purring in approval at The Grand Paw. Remember, it’s not just a stay; it’s a luxury experience tailored for your cat’s comfort and joy!

3. Kitty Condos

luxurious cat kennel boarding with comfortable condos

Welcome to Kitty Condos, where your cat’s comfort is our command! Imagine a place where your feline can reign like the king or queen they truly are. At Kitty Condos, we offer a variety of boarding options to suit every kitty’s needs and your budget.


  • Overnight Stays: $35
  • Additional Cat (Same Condo): $10
  • Additional Kitty Condo: $25
  • Kitty Kastle (Luxury Option): $50


  • Monday – Friday: 8am-12pm and 2pm-6pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10am-6pm

Whether you’re away on vacation or just need a safe spot for your cat during a home renovation, we’ve got you covered. Our condos are designed to ensure maximum comfort and fun for your furry friend. From plush bedding to ample playtime, your cat will be pampered and well-cared for. And yes, we do offer playtime sessions for cats from the same family or those who just find a new friend!

Note: We ensure that all our guests have the most comfortable stay, with daily cleaning and maintenance of the condos.

So, next time you need a cat kennel, remember Kitty Condos is just a purr away!

4. Cat Naps and Playtime

cat relaxing in a luxurious kennel with play toys

When it comes to cat kennels, the ‘suite’ spot isn’t just about the plush cushions; it’s about the purr-suit of happiness for our whiskered companions during their stay. Cats are notorious for their love of sleep and play, so it’s crucial to check that the kennel’s features cater to both these feline necessities.

  • Nap Zones: Look for kennels with multiple cozy areas. Soft bedding and quiet corners are a must for those power-napping purr machines.
  • Play Structures: Cats love to climb and explore. Ensure the facility has safe, stimulating play areas with scratching posts and toys.
  • Personal Space: Felines value their privacy. A good kennel provides personal space for each cat to retreat and relax.

Remember, a well-rested cat is a happy cat, and a happy cat means a guilt-free, worry-less time for you while you’re away.

For the adventurous kitties, some kennels offer indoor climbing experiences with elevated walkways and hiding nooks that turn a simple stay into a feline fiesta. And let’s not forget the interactive toys that keep those paws busy and minds sharp. After all, a bored cat is a mischievous cat, and we want our little lions to be engaged, not enraged!

5. Pampered Paws

luxurious cat kennel with comfortable bedding and toys

Welcome to Pampered Paws, where every cat is treated like royalty! This cat boarding hotel in Laguna Niguel is not just a place to stay; it’s a luxurious retreat for your feline friends. Since 1999, this women-owned establishment has been providing top-notch care, including vaccinations, grooming, and medication administration. What’s more? They’re offering a free night for new customers!

Services Offered

  • Vaccinations: Keep your kitty safe and healthy.
  • Grooming: From a simple brush-out to a full spa treatment.
  • Medication Administration: Expert care for cats with special medical needs.

At Pampered Paws, your cat isn’t just staying, they’re being pampered!

Remember, it’s not just about the luxurious accommodations but the loving care that makes Pampered Paws a purr-fect choice for your cat’s next vacation!

Purr-fect Goodbyes!

As we wrap up our tour of the top cat kennels, remember, it’s not just about the fancy feathers and plush pillows, but the purr-sonal touches that make your kitty’s stay a meow-gical experience. Whether you opt for the lap of luxury or the cozy comforts of an economy spot, the right kennel can make your feline feel like the cat that got the cream. So, fluff up those expectations and let your whiskered companion enjoy a little catnip-infused dreamland at one of these fabulous feline hotels. After all, happy cat, happy life!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a cat kennel?

Look for kennels that offer cozy nap zones, stimulating play structures, and ample personal space for each cat. Ensure they provide high-quality care and amenities like soft bedding and quiet corners.

Are there different types of cat kennels?

Yes, there are luxury kennels that offer extensive services and amenities, and economy kennels that provide simpler, comfortable accommodations. Both types prioritize your cat’s comfort and safety.

How can I get the best deal on cat boarding?

Look for seasonal discounts, loyalty programs, and coupons. Consider the value of extra services and read reviews to ensure quality without compromising on the care your cat will receive.

What extra services are worth considering at a cat kennel?

Consider services like outdoor play yards, expert grooming, and on-site veterinary care. These can enhance your cat’s stay and provide additional peace of mind.

How do I know if a cat kennel is safe and reliable?

Read reviews and ratings, and check for proper licensing and accreditation. Visit the facility to observe the cleanliness, safety features, and how the staff interacts with the cats.

What makes a cat kennel stay memorable for cats?

Personal touches like attentive care, comfortable bedding, and engaging activities make a stay memorable. Kennels that go above and beyond in catering to your cat’s needs will stand out.