When planning a trip away from home, cat owners often face the challenge of ensuring their feline friends are well taken care of. Boarding your cat can be a convenient solution, but it’s important to understand the associated costs. This article will explore the various expenses involved in boarding your cat daily, from standard accommodations to extra services and potential surcharges during holidays.

Key Takeaways

  • The base cost for cat boarding is typically around $26 per night, with additional fees for extra services such as grooming and private playtime.
  • Discounts are often available for multi-cat families, such as 25% off for the second cat or 50% off the second cat when sharing a condo.
  • Extra fees may apply for administering medication ($1 per day for oral medication, $3 per day for injectable medication).
  • During holidays, a surcharge of $15 per night is common, and late pickup can result in a $10 fee.
  • Complimentary services usually include daily cuddles, a private litter box, and individual playtime, but owners should bring their cat’s food and any special bedding or toys.

The Purr-fect Stay: Breaking Down the Kitty Bank

The Purr-fect Stay: Breaking Down the Kitty Bank

Standard Cat Condo Costs

When it comes to boarding your purr-cious companion, the cost of a standard cat condo is the first thing to claw into. Prices typically start at $20 per night for a single kitty, ensuring a cozy stay with all the basic amenities to keep your feline overlord comfortable. But let’s not fur-get, if you’re planning a multi-cat getaway, the savings really start to stack up!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the kitty costs:

  • One cat: $20/night
  • Two cats sharing: $35/night
  • Three cats sharing: $55/night
  • Four cats sharing: $70/night

Each condo comes equipped with perches, a hammock, and toys to keep your cat entertained. Plus, they’ll get individual time in the open playroom – a purr-fect opportunity to stretch those paws!

Remember, these prices are just a starting point. Additional services like spa treatments and private playtime can be added a la cat-te menu. And for those with a penchant for saving, booking a stay for two cats in one condo will have you feline fine with a 50% discount on the second cat’s fare. So, whether you have a lone ranger or a clowder of kitties, there’s a cost-effective option for every cat companion.

Additional Feline Fees

When it comes to boarding your purr-cious companions, the costs can multiply faster than, well, cats! Each kitty in your clowder will have their own tab – because sharing is caring, but not when it comes to billing. Here’s a quick breakdown of the sibling savings:

Number of Cats Total Cost
One Cat $20
Two Cats $35
Three Cats $55
Four Cats $70

But wait, there’s a claw-se for concern! If your feline friends decide they’re not exactly best fur-ends and need to be separated, they’ll each need their own suite – and yes, that means individual charges. And remember, during the holiday season, the kitty bank doesn’t offer discounts.

While we love to accommodate your cats’ needs, additional services come with additional fees. Private playtime, for instance, is a mere $5 for every 15 minutes of exclusive staff attention. And for the latecomers, a $10 late fee applies if you pick up your whiskered boarder after 1pm – because even cats appreciate punctuality.

So, keep your eyes on the clock and your wallet ready, because these extra costs can sneak up on you like a cat on a laser pointer!

Discount Deals for Multi-Cat Families

Are you the proud servant of a clowder of cats? Well, you’re in luck because our cattery offers purr-some discounts for multi-cat families! When two of your fur babies share a condo, the second kitty’s stay is slashed by 50%. That’s right, half off for your second-in-command feline!

Here’s a quick peek at our multi-cat discount structure:

Number of Cats Total Cost (Discount Applied)
1 Cat $20
2 Cats $35
3 Cats $55
4 Cats $70

For those with a more diverse pet family, we haven’t forgotten you! Birds and small critters get their own private room for just $15, as long as you bring their homey cage and favorite nibbles.

And remember, these deals aren’t just a one-time fling; they’re part of our commitment to making your kitties’ stay as comfortable and affordable as possible. So, next time you’re planning a getaway, don’t fret about the kitty bank. We’ve got the purr-fect deal for your feline family!

A La Cat-te Menu: Extra Services for Your Feline Friend

A La Cat-te Menu: Extra Services for Your Feline Friend

Spa and Grooming Prices

When it comes to pampering your purr-pal during their stay, our spa and grooming services are the cat’s pajamas! Prices vary like a cat’s mood, but we’ve got the scoop on the costs to keep your kitty looking fabulous.

Here’s a quick rundown of our grooming rates:

Service Price Range
Bath & Towel Dry From $25
Bath & Blow Dry From $35 to $55*

*Prices depend on coat length and breed, so your fluffy feline might be on the higher end of the scale.

For those kitties that need a little extra TLC, we also offer medication administration services starting at just $1 per calendar day. Injectable meds? No problem, that’s just $3 per calendar day.

Our grooming gurus ensure your cat leaves looking like the cat that got the cream – sleek, shiny, and ready to strut their stuff!

Whether it’s a simple suds and towel or the full blowout experience, we make sure your feline friend is purring with pleasure. And remember, a well-groomed cat is a happy cat!

Private Playtime Rates

When it comes to spoiling your purr-ecious companion, nothing beats some dedicated cuddle and playtime. Our private play sessions ensure your cat gets the undivided attention they deserve from our cat-loving staff. For just $5, your kitty can enjoy a full 15 minutes of one-on-one frolics, which can include anything from laser chasing to feather wand wrestling.

Duration Cost
15 min $5

Cats are not just pets, they’re family. That’s why we make sure they get the play they need to stay active and happy.

And if you’re planning a longer stay, consider our 5-Day Play Package. It’s the purr-fect way to ensure your feline friend has a ball every single day. Just imagine your cat’s delight at discovering indoor climbing adventures, complete with elevated walkways, scratching posts, hiding nooks, and interactive toys. It’s a kitty paradise!

Medication Management Fees

When it comes to managing your kitty’s medication, we’re not kitten around! Our cattery understands that some feline friends come with a little extra baggage in the form of pills, potions, and lotions. Rest assured, we can handle your cat’s medication needs with purr-cision.

For those who prefer the comforts of home, bringing your cat’s own food is encouraged, especially if they’re on a special diet or are finicky eaters. However, if you forget or run out, we’ve got you covered with high-quality chow—just note that additional fees apply when the PetsHotel feeds their in-house food.

Our medication management service is designed to ensure your cat’s health routine continues uninterrupted. We administer medications from their original, labeled container only, to avoid any mix-ups or mishaps.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the medication management fees:

  • Oral Medications: $2 per administration
  • Topical Treatments: $3 per administration
  • Injections: $5 per administration

Remember, a happy cat is a healthy cat, and we’re here to make sure your fur baby gets the care they deserve while you’re away!

Holiday Hikes and Late Fees: Timing is Everything

Holiday Hikes and Late Fees: Timing is Everything

Understanding the Holiday Surcharge

When the holidays roll around, and you’re decking the halls, don’t forget that your kitty’s stay will come with a little extra tinsel on the price tag. A $15 surcharge will be applied to each night of your cat’s stay during the most festive times of the year. This applies to New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Meow-ho-ho! Remember, this surcharge is in addition to the regular boarding cost and no discount can be applied to it. So, while you’re sipping eggnog, your kitty will be enjoying their own holiday retreat – with a slight uptick in their bill.

For those planning to travel over Thanksgiving or Christmas, a three-night minimum stay is required. Here’s a quick peek at the holiday surcharge schedule:

Holiday Surcharge per Night
New Year’s Day $15
Memorial Day $15
Independence Day $15
Labor Day $15
Thanksgiving Day $15
Christmas Day $15

Keep in mind, while your feline friend won’t be able to partake in the holiday feast, they’ll still be living it up in their cozy cat condo, dreaming of Santa Claws!

Avoiding the Late Pickup Penalty

We all know that cats have their own schedule, but when it comes to boarding, it’s the humans who need to watch the clock! To avoid the dreaded late pickup penalty, keep your whiskers twitching and your tail on time. Remember, a punctual pickup keeps the kitty karma positive and your wallet from feeling too light.

Here’s the scoop on the late fee:

  • Pickup after 1pm: A $10 fee will be added to your bill per pet.

It’s simple: be on time, and you won’t have to cough up any extra hairballs of cash. But if you’re running late, just send a quick text – many catteries are flexible and can accommodate the occasional time hiccup.

For those times when life’s cat-astrophes strike, and you can’t avoid being late, it’s always best to communicate with your cattery. A little heads-up can go a long way in keeping everyone purring along happily.

Special Hours and Exceptions

When it comes to special hours and exceptions, our cattery operates on a ‘no cat left behind’ policy! But let’s not forget that even the most flexible of feline hotels have their guidelines. Our doors swing open bright and early and close when the moon is high, ensuring your kitty has a cozy bed to curl up in at all times.

While we’re all about the catnap, we do have set hours that might differ from your usual nine lives routine. Here’s a quick peek at our special hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

And for those night owl felines and early bird kitties, we offer emergency after-hours services—just give us a meow! Just remember, these special services might come with an extra scratch on your wallet, but can you really put a price on peace of mind? So, whether it’s a holiday hustle or a late-night purr-ty, we’ve got your tail covered!

The Tail End: What’s Included and What to Bring

The Tail End: What's Included and What to Bring

Complimentary Cattery Inclusions

At our cattery, we believe that every whisker, paw, and purr is precious, and we’ve got the amenities to prove it! Your fur baby will be living the high life with our range of complimentary services designed to make their stay as comfortable as their favorite sunspot.

  • Daily cuddles and back scratches to keep the purr motor running smoothly
  • A private litter box with premium cat litter, scooped twice daily because cleanliness is next to catliness
  • Disinfected condos every 3 days, or sooner if needed, for a germ-free snooze zone
  • Fresh water daily to keep your kitty hydrated and happy
  • Feeding your food on your cat’s regular schedule, because who likes change when it comes to food?

Our luxurious cat hotel offers pampering amenities like playrooms, gourmet dining, and 24/7 staff attention. Feline-friendly room service menu with gourmet treats tailored for finicky eaters.

And let’s not forget, each kitty condo comes with perches, a hammock, and toys for endless entertainment. Plus, individual time in our open playroom is a given – it’s like a mini-vacation for your cat every day!

Essential Check-in Checklist for Your Cat

Before you and your whiskered companion embark on a temporary separation, let’s ensure you’ve got the essentials packed for a purr-fect stay at our cattery. All kitties must strut in with their vaccinations up to date, including the Distemper – FVRCP and Rabies, administered by a vet at least 48 hours before check-in. It’s not just about health; it’s about cattitude—make sure your feline is flea and tick free, and if they’re over 6 months old, they should be spayed or neutered.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to tuck into your cat’s suitcase:

  • Cat Carrier: A must for safe travels to and from our abode. Carriers are your cat’s personal limousine, so make sure it’s comfy!
  • Food: Pack a stash of their favorite nibbles in a clearly labeled container. We’re talking about the usual kibble or can, not the lasagna they’ve been eyeing on your plate.
  • Bedding: While we provide fresh linens, a familiar blanket or bed can help soothe their longing for home.

We’ve got the daily cuddles and back scratches covered, along with a private litter box and premium litter. Our condos are a feline’s dream, complete with perches, hammocks, and toys. Plus, they’ll get individual playtime in our open room—no extra toys required!

Remember, while we provide the ultimate cat condo experience, it’s the little touches from home that make your cat’s stay extra special. So, pack wisely, and let’s make their meow-morable vacation one for the cat diaries!

Understanding the Payment Purr-ocess

When it’s time to settle the bill for your kitty’s luxurious stay, we’ve got a claw-less system to make the payment as smooth as your cat’s fur. Here’s the scoop on how to keep your finances feline fine:

  • Payment is due upon your cat’s arrival, so be sure to bring your wallet along with your whiskered companion.
  • We accept eftpos, cash, or credit card, but watch out for that sneaky 3.5% service fee on credit card payments.
  • If you’ve booked a multi-cat suite and your furballs decide they’re not on speaking terms, we’ll have to separate them into their own posh pads, resulting in individual charges.

No need to hiss over unexpected costs; we’re transparent about our fees, so you can relax knowing your kitty is in good paws.

Remember, our cattery is the cat’s meow, and we’re here to ensure your pet’s stay is purr-fect from start to finish!

Whisker Whispers: Hear It from the Cat’s Mouth

Whisker Whispers: Hear It from the Cat's Mouth

Paws-itive Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

When it comes to cat-sitting, our clients are purring with satisfaction! Our whiskered guests are always treated like royalty, and their humans can’t help but rave about it. Here’s a snippet of the meow-velous feedback we’ve received:

  • "Brilliant friendly service. Notification updates were great."
  • "Tui our cat ate their food for the first time ever. She is a very fussy cat and they looked after her well."
  • "Absolutely amazing my dogs love their time there and the staff are terrific."

Our cattery isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a feline festival of fun, cuddles, and top-notch care!

Whether it’s their first time or they’re seasoned stayers, every kitty leaves with a spring in their step and a little more cattitude. And let’s not forget the humans! They leave reassured, knowing their precious fur babies are in the best pawsible hands. After all, at Cats Luv Us.com, we believe in considering quality over price for your cat’s health and well-being.

Client Concerns and Common Questions

Curiosity didn’t just kill the cat; it made them wonder about the ins and outs of cat boarding! We’ve clawed through the common queries and dug up some answers that’ll have you feline fine about leaving your kitty in our capable paws.

Is my cat going to be the cat’s pajamas in their temporary digs? Absolutely! Our triple level cat condos are the cat’s whiskers, ensuring your fur baby retains their scratching, hiding, and hunting instincts. Plus, with staff on-site 24 hours, we’re always watching for any cat-astrophes.

But what about the kitty ka-ching? We get it, you don’t want to spend all your nine lives’ savings on boarding. Here are some tips for cost-effective cat care: buy in bulk, compare prices, consider store brands, and consult your vet for dietary advice. It’s all about maintaining a balance between quality and cost.

Worried about your cat’s comfort during their stay? Fear not! Our cattery is nestled on 27 acres of clean, fresh air, ensuring your kitty stays purr-fectly pampered and comfortable, no matter the weather outside.

Why Our Cattery is the Cat’s Meow

At the heart of our cattery, we believe every whisker, purr, and pounce is precious. That’s why we’ve created a haven that’s the cat’s pajamas, or should we say, the cat’s meow! Our guests enjoy the royal treatment with daily cuddles, back scratches, and a private litter box scooped twice daily to keep those paws pristine.

Our feline friends don’t just stay; they thrive. With individual condos featuring perches, hammocks, and toys, your kitty can lounge in luxury or engage in energetic escapades. And let’s not forget the fresh water and meals served on your cat’s regular schedule—because we know how particular our purr-tastic pals can be.

In our new building, opening in 2023, we’re upping the ante with a separate room for interactive play. No temperament test required—just a love for human touch!

Our staff, onsite 24 hours, ensures your cat is safe, happy, and comfortable, no matter the weather. Plus, with 27 acres of clean fresh air, your cat will be living the dream. So, why choose our cattery? Because we’re not just a stay; we’re a purr-sonalized paradise for your feline family member.

Conclusion: The Purr-fect Deal for Your Feline’s Fancy Stay

In the tail-end of our cat-boarding cost saga, we’ve scratched beneath the surface to uncover that pampering your purr-pal doesn’t have to claw away at your wallet. Whether it’s a basic bed and breakfast for your whiskered wanderer or a luxurious cat condo with all the frills, the daily dough you’ll dish out ranges from the modest to the meow-nificent. Remember, the early cat catches the worm, so avoid those late fees by picking up your feline friend on time. And for those with a clowder, rejoice in the multi-cat discounts that make it a paw-sibility to board your entire feline family without breaking the bank. So, next time you’re planning a getaway, rest assured that your kitty can have their own little escapade, too—complete with daily cuddles, premium litter, and enough back scratches to keep them purring until you return. Now, go ahead and book that cat-cation; after all, a little ‘meow time’ never hurt anybody!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the daily cost to board my cat?

The cost for a standard 24-hour period in our Cattery is $26 per night for one cat. Additional cats from the same family may be eligible for discounts.

Are there any discounts for boarding multiple cats?

Yes, there are discounts for multi-cat families. The second cat typically gets a 25% discount, and two cats sharing the same condo can receive a 50% discount on the second cat.

What additional fees might I expect?

Additional fees can include bathing services starting from $25, medication management at $1 per day, injectable medication at $3 per day, and private playtime with staff at $5 per 15 minutes.

Is there a surcharge for boarding during holidays?

A $15 surcharge is applied per pet per night during certain holidays, and no discounts can be applied to this surcharge.

What happens if I pick up my cat late?

A late fee of $10 is assessed for overnight boarders picked up after 1 pm. It’s important to adhere to the pickup times to avoid this fee.

What should I bring when boarding my cat?

You should bring your cat in a kitty crate. All bedding and toys are provided by the cattery, and it’s essential that your cat is desexed and fully vaccinated.