When it comes to finding the perfect boarding service for your feline friends, it’s crucial to choose a place that offers comfort, safety, and tailored care. In this article, we explore the top 5 Rover cat boarding services that stand out for their exceptional service and dedication to cat welfare. These options ensure that your cat will be well taken care of in your absence, providing peace of mind to cat owners.

Key Takeaways

  • Mau House Cat Motel offers a clean, quiet, and spacious environment with individual attention for each cat.
  • Feline Bed & Breakfast is exclusively for cats, adjacent to a veterinary hospital, ensuring prompt emergency care.
  • FinickyFelinz provides personalized care with daily updates, including photos and videos of your cat.
  • Fuzzy Britches Pet Care is known for reliability and creating a happy environment for cats.
  • Stacey Chouteau is highly recommended for her personalized care and regular updates, ensuring your cat’s comfort and security.

1. Mau House Cat Motel

cat boarding service motel theme

Welcome to the purr-fect getaway for your whiskered wanderers! Nestled in the heart of Richmond, Mau House Cat Motel offers a serene and spacious environment for your feline friends. Imagine a place where your cat can lounge in sunny window seats, chase their tails in large, clean spaces, and receive the VIP treatment they deserve.

Julie, the loving owner, ensures each cat guest receives personal time and attention. With her deep love for animals, she’s created a haven that feels just like home—but maybe even a bit quieter and cleaner! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Personalized care for each guest
  • Spacious and clean accommodations
  • Daily playtime and relaxation

Note: Mau House is not just a stay; it’s a luxury retreat for your cat!

For those who worry about their cats feeling lonely or confined, Mau House offers the perfect solution with its open yet secure spaces. It’s like a spa day, every day, for your cat!

2. Feline Bed & Breakfast

cat relaxing in a cozy bed and breakfast setting

If you’re looking for a purr-fect getaway for your feline friend, look no further than the Feline Bed & Breakfast in El Cerrito. This isn’t your typical cat kennel; it’s a full-on cat spa and resort! Imagine a place where whiskers get pampered and tails get treated royally—this is it!

Here’s why cat owners are meowing about this place:

  • Location: Nestled at 11074 San Pablo Ave, right next to a veterinary hospital. Convenience and peace of mind all in one!
  • Environment: Clean, calm, and just the right amount of cozy. It’s like a five-star hotel, but for cats!
  • Staff: Dedicated, cat-loving professionals who are well-trained to handle any purrs and hisses.
  • Special Care: Adjacent to Abbey Vet, making it super easy for medical check-ups or emergencies. They even have staff who will lovingly check on medicated or elderly cats.

Tip: Always book in advance, especially during holidays or summer months, as this kitty haven tends to fill up fast!

So, if you want your cat to have a luxurious stay-cation while you’re away, the Feline Bed & Breakfast is a fantastic choice. Just imagine your cat sipping on catnip tea and lounging in the sun—bliss!

3. FinickyFelinz

cat boarding service room with multiple playful cats and comfortable amenities

If you’re looking for a cat sitter who will leave your feline friend purring for more, look no further than FinickyFelinz. This service has been a favorite in the Rockridge and San Leandro areas for years, and it’s not hard to see why. Cats don’t just like FinickyFelinz; they’re practically disappointed to see their owners return! Imagine a service so good that your cat might give you the cold shoulder when you come back.

At FinickyFelinz, your cat’s comfort and happiness are the top priorities. This isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a cat’s dream vacation spot.

For those who appreciate a meticulous approach, FinickyFelinz is known for its neat, clean environment and a cat sitter who is as fastidious as they come. Whether it’s a short stay or a longer holiday for your cat, they’ll be in good paws. Remember, when considering your options, modern convenience and hands-on care are both valuable in their own ways.

4. Fuzzy Britches Pet Care

cat boarding service cozy home setting

Welcome to the purr-fect paradise for your whiskered companions at Fuzzy Britches Pet Care! Imagine a place where every meow matters and your feline friend can lounge in luxury. This isn’t just any cat boarding service; it’s a lavish retreat that offers royal treatment with private suites and spa pampering, especially tailored for the aristocats of the house!

Here’s what makes Fuzzy Britches stand out:

  • Private suites that make your cat feel like the king or queen of their own castle.
  • A variety of spa treatments including catnip aromatherapy and whisker-tickling sessions.
  • Special care for senior cats, ensuring they get the gentle attention they deserve.

At Fuzzy Britches, we believe in treating every feline like the royalty they are. It’s not just about a stay; it’s about creating a memorable experience for your cat.

Whether it’s a short stay or a long holiday for your cat, Fuzzy Britches ensures they return to you happier and more pampered than ever!

5. Stacey Chouteau

cat boarding service with friendly caretaker

If you’re looking for a cat sitter who’s practically a purrfessional cat whisperer, then Stacey Chouteau is your go-to person! With years of experience and a deep love for feline friends, Stacey has been the award-winning cat sitting service that locals swear by. Whether you’re planning a short getaway or a long vacation, she ensures your kitties are pampered and well-cared for.

Stacey’s services are not just about feeding and cleaning; they’re a full-on cat extravaganza! She provides twice-daily visits, during which she engages your cats with their favorite toys and sends you adorable picture updates. Imagine receiving a snapshot of your cat playing or just chilling under her watchful eye—pure bliss!

Here’s the scoop: Stacey’s clients can’t stop raving about her. They highlight her punctuality, reliability, and, most importantly, her ability to connect with their cats on a personal level.

Her rates are reasonable, and she comes highly recommended for both short and long-term sitting. So, next time you need someone to look after your whiskered companions, think of Stacey Chouteau!


Well, there you have it, fellow feline aficionados! We’ve prowled through the top cat boarding services so you don’t have to let the cat out of the bag when it comes to finding the purr-fect spot for your whiskered companion. Whether your kitty is a lounge lion or a curious cat, these services are sure to make them feel like the cat’s whiskers! Remember, while it might be tempting to catnap after reading all this, don’t forget to book a spot for your furball—these top-notch spots are the cat’s pajamas and they fill up fast! Stay pawsome and keep pampering those precious purr-balls!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of boarding my cat at a specialized facility?

Boarding your cat at a specialized facility offers a safe, calm environment where staff are trained to handle cats specifically. Facilities like Feline Bed & Breakfast are clean, well-maintained, and located next to veterinary services, ensuring your cat’s safety and well-being.

Can boarding be stressful for cats?

Yes, boarding can be stressful for cats as they are territorial animals and are used to their home environment. It’s important to choose a boarding facility that provides a calm and quiet setting to minimize stress.

What services do cat boarding facilities offer?

Cat boarding facilities typically offer individual cubicles, daily feeding, litter box cleaning, and personal attention. Some, like Mau House Cat Motel, provide spacious areas and individual time with each cat.

Are there alternatives to boarding my cat?

Yes, hiring a professional pet sitter like Melissa Carey from FinickyFelinz who visits your home to care for your cat is a great alternative. This can be less stressful for your cat and allows them to stay in a familiar environment.

How do I know if a cat boarding service is reliable?

Look for reviews, ask for recommendations from other cat owners, and visit the facility beforehand to see the conditions and how the staff interacts with the animals. Facilities like Fuzzy Britches Pet Care are often recommended for their reliability and care.

What should I consider when choosing a cat boarding service?

Consider the location, cleanliness, size of the cubicles, staff training, proximity to veterinary services, and the overall environment. Ensure the facility can cater to your cat’s specific needs and preferences.