Funny Cats Video: See if you can stop your smile while watching this Funny Cats Video

Cats are just adorable and outright funny when they want to be ore are in a mood for some comedy. Try watching some cats whenever you are feeling down and they will lift up your mood in an instant. These cats are trying things which normally humans do like doing a chorus, walking on a treadmill and a bit of a show off trying to be scary to one another.

In video 1, a group of tiny little adorable cats move their heads to the tune of classical music in a group. They look so funny!

In video 2, two fitness freak cats decide to burn some calories and jump onto a treadmill and hats off to their never say die spirit. Despite rolling off the treadmill, they keep jumping back on. All right! that is some serious commitment to fitness : )

In Video 3, two cats try to put up a scare off show for us as one of them takes a two legged stance and god knows what happened next!

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