The cats featured in the video are facing an uncertain future. They are feral cats and that puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to finding them a home.

The local shelter has a policy of killing feral cats. They don’t have the time or resources to work with these animals. Other groups in the community require that the cats be neutered.

These cats are not fixed or do they have their shots. These is what I hope to fix by getting them neutered and checked by a vet. In addition to getting them fixed and vaccinated, I hope to raise enough money to buy the food that they need every month in addition to getting them medical care.

I have had cats in the past and they have saved my life. I am diabetic and like dogs, cats sense when I am going low and let me know. they have saved my life and now its my turn to return the favor.

If you feel like helping but cant donate here, you can go here and purchase supplies for us. It will be sent to us.

We are also working on selling merchandise at to raise funds.

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