Cute but Funny Cats That Make You Laugh

Cats make us smile or laugh – and I love that. I think it’s important to have a couple of funny videos mixed in with the instructional ones (I have way more of the instructional ones than funny). During stressful times, we need a quick break now and then and what better way to do it than to check out some cute but funny cats on Youtube. Guaranteed to relieve stress!

Just for fun. Watching cute but funny cats is what I do when I want to smile.

These funny cats that make you laugh are way too cute with their funny antics and their funny faces! But as a cat owner I can say: these feline companions are certainly not boring! Tuna, the famous cat who plays piano, is also featured in this compilation of funny felines.

Some cats are bullies. They won’t hesitate to let you know who’s boss. Others are shy, which is hilarious when they’re trying to come off all gangsta in a room full of stuffed animals. Yet others are just straight up good ol’ fashioned adorable and silly. See this showcase of the funniest most ridiculous cats that make you laugh.

Cats have been a source of entertainment for the Internet for ages. And the cuter the cat, the funnier it becomes. These are the cute and funny cats that will make you laugh.

There’s never enough of cute and funny cat videos, so I’ve gathered the best here for you.

Cats are the funniest animals ever. Cute, flexible and so adorable, but sometimes (most times actually) they make us laugh. You won’t be able to stop laughing when you see these funny cats!

Cats are cute. Sometimes, they’re funny too. This video brings you cats that might just make you laugh out loud. Who doesn’t want that?

These cute cats will lighten up your day with their awkwardness!

Cats are funny. They like to have fun. Cats are always curious, doing things that just don’t make sense. Today the youtubers have decided to make your day by sharing their favorite cat videos. Enjoy!

Cats and humans have been together since the Egyptian times, but we’ve learned a lot in 4000 years. While still mostly keeping the cat indoors, we learned some new tricks. When they’re not busy making us laugh, they like toys and treats!

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