Cat vs Chicken: Watch What Happens Next and Get Ready to Laugh in 2023#syl_vester #ukraine #reels
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Cats are mysterious animals that have been living next to humans for many centuries. It seems that we know everything about them, but we still have something to be surprised at.
There are 33 main cat breeds in total. And the number of domestic cats in the world reaches 500 million.
The heart rate of a cat is much higher than that of a human and ranges from 110 to 140 heart beats per minute.
On average, cats weigh about five kilograms, but cats of the Singapura breed weigh only two and a half kilograms.
The smallest cats are representatives of the Indian red spotted breed living in Sri Lanka. Their weight does not exceed one and a half kilograms, and the size is about 15 centimeters.
Although the lion is considered the king of animals, it is not the largest feline. Much larger than a lion are tigers, growing up to three meters and weighing about three hundred kilograms. A tiger can eat about 40 kilograms of meat at a time.
In England, cats are willingly attracted to guard granaries. One cat hunting mice can save up to 10 tons of grain in a year. Also, cats are used to guard food warehouses, and they are officially put on allowance
If a cat is standing near you with a raised pipe and a slightly trembling tail, this is an expression of her love for you.
A cat will wag its tail when it cannot make a choice.
From pleasure, cats often spread their fingers, releasing and retracting their claws.
In the wild, felids keep their tails horizontal or down, and only domestic cats can walk with their tail up in a trumpet.
Domestic cats do not communicate with each other by meowing. This “language” they use exclusively to communicate with people.
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