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Get ready to burst into uncontrollable laughter with our side-splitting compilation of the funniest videos from 2023! This ultimate try not to laugh challenge will test your funny bone as we showcase the most hilarious and outrageous moments that will leave you in stitches.

In this epic video, you’ll witness a series of hilarious pranks, unexpected fails, outrageous animal antics, and laugh-out-loud moments caught on camera. Our talented team of comedians and pranksters have carefully curated this compilation to ensure non-stop laughter throughout. Whether it’s funny animal encounters, epic dance fails, or hilarious reactions, we’ve got it all!

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Get ready to laugh till your cheeks hurt, and brace yourself for the most hilarious compilation of 2023! Remember, this video comes with a warning: try not to laugh, but we guarantee it will be nearly impossible to resist!
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Credit: Dusty Dubs
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