Anyone that has a cat knows this one #catlogic
Max the Cat must eat @MaxTheCat99999 Max the cat
funny cat reaction
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Cat inspects my shopping

Music is the cure, for stress relief and to fight cortisol
What are break state songs? Improve mood, transform. Vent the volcano, calm down, make us smile. Fuels inspiration

All footage is by me

What SILLY SONG is all about/ Muppets / Tiptoe through Tulips / Need a Break / Bloopers Having Fun –
In Hell I’ll be in Good Company by the Dead South / Live A Capella Cover + Claves by Violet Pacey –

Elemental Elixir Water / Live Piano Xylophone Instrumental Original by Violets Inspiration Soup –
Who Wrote the Score? / Original poem to song + Piano Xylophone Improv by Violet Pacey / with Lyrics –
What do Magpies sound like? White Backed Magpie Aussie Native Bird –
Odyssey in the Ghost Gum / Original Nature Meditation Baritone Ukulele /Instrumental by Violet Pacey –

Voice – Best
Baritone Ukulele
Acoustic Bass Guitar
Descant Soprano Recorder
Kalimba Thumb Piano
Many Percussive instruments
Human Percussion
Piano Xylophone
Electronic Drum Kit
Many other Woodwind instruments

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Violet Pacey is a Melbourne based Multi-Disciplinary performance artist. She is a songwriter, singer, poet & composer who uses observational or abstract drawing, improv, durational art, stage, street or live broadcasting to inspire others to tap into their own inspiration soup.

Dose of Inspiration Streams
21 Gems along the path Retrospective / Guinea Pigs Nature Classical Music Skies
22 How & why get out of your COMFORT ZONE + Open Mic Jam
25 Retrospective Sky watching Bush fires –
26 Cheap Entry Level Instruments, get playing –
27 Original Poetry Slam Pt2 –
28 Break State Songs to Improve Mindset

30 -30 Minutes of Calm / Retrospective #34 Horses Nature Magpies Cockatoo Birds Sky
31 Pets & Animals –
33 Retrospective Original Poetry Sky watching Nature –
34 30 Mins of Calm Nature Retrospective
37 Retrospective No 8 Guinea Pigs –

42 Pets & Animals for Positive Mindset Pt2 –
43 Irrational Happiness Triggers Pt4 –

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